Sakura Tree

Beauty and Volatility: A Japanese Sakura(桜) Tree

What is Kaizen Digital?

In a period of informational abundance, our attention becomes the most important resource we control. We are now able to read, learn and study almost anything in the world but must filter through the massive amount of low-quality content available. The Kaizen Digital publication is an opportunity to cut through low-quality inputs and put the emphasis back on creation and the production of high-quality work.

Specifically aimed at online creators and thinkers, Kaizen Digital serves as a toolkit for understanding and thriving in the digital world. Each issue combines the most important concepts, tools, people and narratives from the best parts of the web. The result is an integrated, targeted publication providing context and resources which will allow you to stay on the cutting-edge of sense-making and focus on what you do best in the metamodern era.

The lines are beginning to blur between intellectual disciples. Between play and work. Between information and oversaturation. High-quality inputs are are no longer a luxury, they are essential to cultivating a meaningful and productive digital life. Kaizen Digital is an opportunity for you to outsource the time you spend learning about the modern environment. Let’s shift from the idea of degrees, promotions and clients in favour of strengths, wekanesses and ideas. Double-down on your strengths and stay in the loop with a publication that does not compromise on the pursuit of quality.


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What does Kaizen mean?

The publication is based on the Japanese word ‘kaizen(改善)’ meaning “change for better”. It is representative of a concept in business of eliminating waste and continuously improving system-level problems over a long period of time. This idea is coupled with the Japanese ‘Sakura’ tree, or cherry blossom tree, which is pictured at the top of this page. These trees are recognised as being an enduring metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life; the transcience of the blossoms, their beauty and volatility, is at the foundation of what this publication stands for.

This publication is built on the idea that human nature is fleeting and impermanent, yet joy can be found in deliberately undertaking meaningful work and seeking to make sense of the world. It is about recognising that you don’t need to make history for your story to matter and that success is found not in the outcome but in through the process of creation itself.


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